Sunday, 1 August 2010

Funny Girl

Lost my hearing quite noticeably in both ears.

Went to GP who performed simple hearing test which confirmed loss (moderate to severe on both sides).

Referred to ENT Specialist who did more thorough testings and due to the nature of my "funny" hearing loss (yes, they did actually say it was "funny" being an apparently odd kind of hearing loss, especially for a fit and healthy 34 year old).

Sent me for an MRI of the brain (Eureka! They found one hehe!).

Results came back "clear" as no Acoustic Neuroma was detected (apprently that was what they imagined could've caused my specific "funny" hearing loss).

Diagnosed with Bilateral Sensourinal Hearing Loss.

Hearing Aid fitted (which I wore about 5 times as it didn't do anything but enhance background noises). The meeting I had to attend regarding the hearing aid was an experience as the averag age of people there was about seventy. Talk about feeling like a fish out of water, I got some very strange looks hehe!

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