Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Quasi Modo has left the building

What with all the excitement and last minute dashing about of Christmas I hardly noticed the numbness and tingling had crept up the entire left hand side of my whole body. Every time I get a bath it gets instantly worse. Still, didn't figure much about it (I'm one of these people who will only go to the Doctor when I believe there is some kind of real problem going on) but hubby kept saying I should make an appointment.

Nah, I'll be fine. I decide to try and carry on with life as I've come to the conclusion I've probably trapped a nerve and with lots of nice hot bubble baths (my logic still not calculating that this does actually worsen my symptoms lol) and perhaps going a bit slower at the gym will sort the problem.

Boxing Day, whilst visiting friends, I changed my mind. I was in quite some pain (by the way I have a super high pain threshold, having given birth to two almost 10lb bouncin' bubbas with no pain relief lol) and knew that realistically a trip to my GP was in order.

You know when you have your blood pressure taken? When the arm band is at it's fullest and tightest? Pulsing and throbbing whilst you just will the damn arm band to release the pressure? Well this is how I would describe my whole left side. Problem is, it is now constant. Not a couple of times a week for an hour or so. C O N S T A N T. I cannot describe to you how unbelievably annoying and painful that is.

I have had to stop work temporarily (I'm a Figurative Sculptor) as I can no longer feel, move or grip with my left hand. Don't want my work ending up like Quasi Modo on a bad day now do I?

Still, I decide to eek it out a bit longer and wait until New Year is out of the way to make an appointment. PESKY TRAPPED NERVE! Grrr! I still truly believe it will right itself.

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