Thursday, 24 March 2011

Filling in the blanks...

  1. Now may be a good time to explain that I'm having serious memory issues.  I desparately want to add soooooo much to this blog but it's like pulling teeth trying to get my memory to co-operate just now lol.  So much of what you read from this point on will be me trying to fill in what has happened from the day I found out I have a "Gremlin" (this is how I refer to it to my kids coz I don't see the need for them to hear the words "Brain Tumour".  I shall also refer to it henceforth as such *smiles*). 
  2. Repeating myself is gonna be something you need to prepare yourself for lol.  I'll try ever so hard not to, but it's the Gremlin, not me lol. 
  3. I have quite a warped sense of humour.  I've kept it very tame up til now but - what the hell - I'm gonna unleash it soon.  As one of my superbestest friends said just the other day "Tell that Hairy Arsed Gremlin to pack it's bags" lol!  My sentiments exactly! :) 
  4. Repeating myself is gonna be something you need to prepare yourself for lol.  I'll try ever so hard not to, but it's the Gremlin, not me lol. 


  1. Kick arse of that gremlin bugger!
    We are rooting for you- with pom-poms and everything.
    (with few lingustic glitches , for which I appologise *blush*)
    Love your sense of humor. (As a song in my country says: black humor also wears white knickers.)

  2. Just popping by to say hi.

  3. I won't mind any repeating because I don't really remember all the things I read anyway so it will seem new to me :)

  4. Feel free to repeat yourself, it will help the rest of us commit things to our regularly beleaguered memories :-) Write down whatever you can or like to, it will also be good stuff for you to re-read after the Gremlin has been sent packing.

    Smart name choice as you're right, it's best to figure out a friendly sort of code word for the kids. I'm sorry your vision is giving you such a difficult time too, that's got to be one of the more difficult side effects. We really on sight so much.

    You know, something occurs to me...years ago I helped a woman I met online beta test for a new software and mouse combination. She was blind and interested in writing...she needed a beta reader. That would have been about six years ago.

    The mouse she used triggered an audio program that would read the text of a page aloud to her. I don't know if it's feasible but I'm sure schools for the visually impaired would have information on the availability.

    It's just an idea, if you could find something similar, it might help pass the time when you aren't feeling your best at the moment.
    Take care!

  5. And I suppose we'll just have to accept that you'll probably repeat yourself. Or did you just say that? Lol

    I'm glad you still have a sense of humour through all this. A positive attitude and a sense of humour really helps people to heal. My surgeon told me that without that, I'd probably be dead now (not that I had a gremlin - I had a rotten bowel).

    Anyway, best of luck with the appt with Mr Neuro. Just don't call him Missus ;-)

  6. But you just said tha.... oh yeh! Lol!